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The right bike for you, unlimited use, zero maintenance. £9/week.

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How it Works

The subscription bike service designed for London.

You get a really good bike that you can use as much as you like. Only you have access to it and you can take it anywhere. It's insured against theft throughout London and we take care of all maintenance.

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Door-to-door transport free from docks, zones and surge pricing. We deliver your bike directly to you.

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Made for London

An all-in-one package with no commitments. (Or traffic, or jam-packed Tubes, or face coverings, or chilly bus-stop waits...)

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Zero Maintenance

We service your vehicle once a year and, if ever anything's not right, we'll make sure you have a working bike within 48 hours, so you always have transport.

The Everyday Bike

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The Everyday Bike is ‘Dutch-style’. It's practical and safe. In fact, it's based on the British Safety Bicycle, originally designed for UK streets. It’s perfect for city journeys (take it from the millions of Dutch people who use bikes like this every day!) and it also looks really elegant – important in a city like ours.


Get a convenient, practical & hassle-free bike for just £9/week.

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The Simplest Way to Start Cycling

1.3 million people bought bikes in the UK since March. You'll definitely love cycling, but what's the right bike for you?

We've been told bike shops can be intimidating and unhelpful, and then there's all the 'extras' to think about. Mudguards? Lights? Locks? Definitely. Lycra? Probably not – most of us aren't that kind of cyclist, just people who need reliable transport.

We’re here to help. An Everyday Bike gives you everything you need and nothing you don’t, all for one flat price. And at just £9/week, you can have an Everyday Bike and still take the bus 8 times a week, for less than a weekly bus Travelcard.

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How do repairs work?

If you get a flat tyre, or anything else happens, we’ll come and get your bike working again within 48 hours. If we need more time, we’ll simply replace it with an identical one, so you always have transport.

Is an Everyday Bike right for me?

Everyday Bikes are designed for relaxed, regular transport. They are the opposite of sweaty sports cycles. You’ll never forget your lights or lock (they're built in!) and, thanks to the cargo racks, it's easy to pick up the shopping on your way home. If you can ride a bike, this is the perfect vehicle for most journeys in the city, well-suited to all weather and even the odd hill.

What if my bike gets stolen?

If your Everyday Bike is stolen, we will replace it within 48 hours. You only pay a small excess for the stolen bike (amount tbc) – not the full amount. The plan is to include trackers inside various parts of the bikes, so we can find them if theft occurs. Remember to always lock your bike securely.

Are bikes practical in London?

Bikes are practical and fun ways to get around, especially for journeys too long to walk. We’re always chatting to Londoners who’ve started biking about this year. They say they prefer it to their previous transport because it’s simply more convenient. For most trips a bike gives shorter journey times and an Everyday Bike will even carry your bags for you.

What's included?

A sturdy bike that only you have access to. Built-in lights, locks and cargo racks. A professional repairs service at no extra charge. London-wide theft insurance. We are in the early stages of this journey, so details may be subject to change. We're committed to giving a great customer experience. If you'd like us to keep you in the loop as we iron out more details, register your interest for free here.

What about a helmet and hi-vis?

Our aim is to make cycling really easily accessible. We do that by providing everything you need in one simple package. We've found specialised clothing has the opposite effect, putting people off using their bike at all. Therefore, we can't count it as essential and it's not included with your Everyday Bike. This keeps the cost of your subscription down and reduces waste, however if you feel more comfortable cycling with safety gear, then of course you should. Here are some good helmets. Relaxed, sensible cycling is not an extreme sport, it's just transport. Bikes are safe, while external dangers like air pollution and fast traffic are easily avoided by more people cycling and using the safest routes available (of which there are loads in London – see below!)

Where can I ride my bike?

You can take your Everyday Bike anywhere you like. Treat it like your own. In London, we suggest following signposted Cycleways. Here’s a really good overview of London’s safest routes, which you can save to your Google Maps, or, for turn-by-turn directions, check out Citymapper's latest update. Bikes are welcome in bike lanes, bus lanes, on streets and in clearly marked shared spaces.